This small invention will save millions of people worldwide from clean water shortage

Do you believe this little piece of paper can filter out bacteria and turns dirty water into clean water?

The lack of clean water is one of the natural disaster has been scientists make predictions about whether it will become a nightmare of mankind if global warming situation continues as at present.

Scientists at the University of Uppsala in Sweden recently succeeded in developing the idea of ​​using paper to filter out viruses, bacteria in water - useful for hundreds of millions of people around the world get clean water to use true.

Reportedly, the special paper are composed of cellulose fiber ultra-thin nano - developed from green algae and was named the "mille feuille-" - the name of a French cake with "thousands of layer cake".

Albert Mihranyan researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, said: "Our objective is to develop a filter can remove even the smallest viruses found in contaminated water as easily as coffee.

By using the simple method for filtering materials directly from nature, I believe that this filter could become a global water purification solutions at an affordable price. Thereby, the product could save the lives of millions of people around the world ".

As known, at this time, more than 748 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation. The water-borne diseases are one of the biggest causes of deaths caused in the world, especially for children under 5 years old.

Among the infectious diseases related to water, the virus exists in the more dangerous dirty water. Residents are difficult to filter out the virus in the country because they are too small, which seems to have "immunity" with chlorine disinfectant.

Therefore, experts have researched and found mille-feuille mechanism. With the use of multiple layers of nanofibers, the paper has tiny pores to filter out viruses such as influenza. What you do is put the filter paper and pour water into a river, stream or well water to water. The result is clean water has run out bacteria.

At best, this paper can be used long term and can be distributed to where it is needed - and the country has not been developed without any difficulty.

Mihranyan added: "Lack of clean water is a problem not only exists in countries with low income. And the virus in the dirty water has also caused large epidemics in the European continent in the past, including Sweden Electricity".

In the future, experts will develop filters to help produce therapeutic proteins and vaccines.

Teri Dankovich Duke University (USA), who was not involved in the study say that this filter paper shows great potential for water purification with affordable in remote areas. But she also said that the most important thing for the researchers is to determine the lifespan of the filter before it is blocked.

To solve this problem, experts are expanding production models to ensure that the product is still cheap and reliable.

The study was published in Materials Horizons.

The image under the microscope filter paper containing thousands of layers - capable of filtering out the smallest virus


Do you believe this little piece of paper can filter out bacteria