Nitrogen Treatment

With over 15 years of experinces in water and wastewater treatment, INEET has been accompanying in supplying the products and solutions to customers in textile, pharmaceutical, medical, plate and cement ....

INEET is also a distributor with many kind of water and wastewater treament chemicals with many advantages such as high effect and save operation cost!


- Origin: Korea

- Highly effective in removing Nitrogen in domestic wastewater treatment system.

- Easy to use and highly activated

- Origin: Korea

- Provides high quality nutrients, promoting the growth of existing microorganisms in the wastewater treatment system

- Especially effective sludge activation for wastewater with unbalanced COD and BOD content.

- Origin: Korea

- Separate and remove suspended solids or water particles in the form of flocculation

- Effectively used in the process of sedimentation, filtration, and wastewater treatment

- Origin: Korea

- Coagulants, sedimentation aids and water clarification agents using in water and wastewater treatment systems

- Convenient to use, cost-effective.

- Origin: Korea

- Decolorize wastewater, remove active ingredients in the dyeing process.

- Effectively used for wastewater systems in dyeing, painting, leather, paper mills...