Supply DEKKO pipes and accessories

INEET is the official agency of Phucha JSC that specializes in supplying DEKKO pipes and accessories.

The products are produced in good quality, high longevity and nice design on the modern and advanced technological line according to the DIN Standard (8074; 8075; 8077 & 8078) - Germany and the ISO (15874; 1452 & 4427:2007)

We are so proud of supplying the products that are accepted by many domestic and foreign customers and we believe that we will bring you the best saticsfaction with the high discount.



- Pipe: PN10, PN20, PN25, swan neck

- Female (male) threaded union, union

- Valve: Ball valve, valve-plasic handle, gate valve, ball valve 3 corner handle

- Famale (male) threaded 90* elbow, 90* elbow

- Famale (male) threaded tee, reducing tee

- Coupling, female (male) threaded coupling, flange, reducer, and cap, 45* elbow

- Ống nhựa HDPE 100: PN 20, PN 16, PN12.5, PN 10, PN 8, PN 6

- Ống nhựa HDPE 80: PN 16, PN 10, PN 8, PN 6

- Cút 90, cút ren ngoài, cút ren trong

- Ống cuộn, tê, tê chuyển bậc, nối thẳng, nối chuyển bậc, đai khởi thủy, nút bít.

- u.PVC pipe: Class 5, Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class1, Class 0, drain pipe

- Tee, reducing tee, S tee

- Coupling, male (female) threaded coupling

- 90* elbow, 45* elbow, reducer, siphon, Wye(Y), cap